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Welcome to Flying in Croatia Website!

This website is dedicated to foreign GA and domestic pilots flying in Croatia and for all those interested in exploring and learning more about General Aviation in Croatia. Enjoy in surfing and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question.

 Notice to Airmen

LDZD ILS RWY14 installed

Ploce airfield LDDP closed

Ivanic Grad Sarampov LDZI closed

Cazma Grabovnica LDZC closed

Pula LDPL closed for GA traffic APR 11 to APR 16 due to WIP on RWY

Vrsar LDPV expect PJE activity

Grobnik LDRG expect GLD activity

Lucko LDZL expect GLD activity


 New Trip report online / NOTAMs updated 04/2007

Peter, an UK pilot from Shoreham sent us via e-mail a trip report from an IFR flight UK - Ljubljana - Dubrovnik - Tirana - Corfu and back via Venice. The flight was done with a Socata TB20 and the very interesting report cointains a lot of great photos, graphs and maps including the GPS routes. Check out this Trip report !


 Upcoming Events

1st July - Aeromeeting Grobnik 2007

11th-12th August - Kecskemet (HUN)

26th August - Aeromeeting Cakovec


 AVGAS 100 LL prices per litre

LDSB Bol, Brac  1.20 EUR 03/06
LDDU Dubrovnik  1.15 EUR  05/06
LDLO Losinj  0.99 EUR  05/06
LDPL Pula  0.99EUR  08/05
LDSP Split, Kastela  1.15 EUR  06/06
LDRI Rijeka, Krk  1.20 EUR 05/06
LDZD Zadar  1.20 EUR  05/05
LDZA Zagreb, Pleso  1.20EUR  06/06


 JET-A1 prices per kg

LDZA Zagreb, Pleso 0.62 EUR 06/06

 General Aviation News


 New updates!

Regular updates were made on the Airports List where the telephone numbers should be now up-to-date. The Flying in Croatia page became more text, mainly regarding VFR flying on the croatian sky. NOTAMs where updated together with some important navigational changes. Short and important notices to airmen are now displayed on the right layer on this index page. When it comes to Events, there are two of them planned in August.

Robert Schida, an austrian pilot informed me about his one-day trip from Voeslau to Pula-Losinj-Zadar-Split-Hvar and back last week, so that you can find now installed a link direct to his trip report with many interesting pictures. Vielen Dank Robert!

Check also the Links page where I've added links to Aero Krapina, Aeroclub Ivanic-Grad, Aeroklub Krila Hrvatske Varazdin, SkyEast VA and Centavia.

Pilatus announces the next generation PC-12

Pilatus revealed today that it has a program underway to certify the Next Generation PC-12. The company’s flagship business turboprop will receive several major enhancements, including fully integrated avionics, a new cockpit design, higher performance, and advanced systems.

“How is Pilatus celebrating the success of the world’s best selling turbine powered business aircraft? By making it even better,” says Ignaz Gretener, Vice-President Business Unit General Aviation of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. “We strive to continuously meet and exceed customer expectations, and these improvements are the latest in a long series of customer-driven changes we’ve made to enhance the PC-12.”

The Next Generation PC-12 will feature state-of-the-art Honeywell Primus Apex avionics. Four large displays, including two PFDs and two MFDs, provide an unprecedented amount of viewing area and integrate flight information, engine monitoring, aircraft configuration, pressurization, and environmental controls. Flight and weather data, charts, aircraft system information, and trip planning functions are all within easy reach, while a new cockpit environment designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA sets a new standard for ergonomics and aesthetics.

Higher performance comes from the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67P, which delivers 15 % more thermodynamic power for faster climbs and higher cruise speeds by utilizing single crystal CT blades and a new compressor configuration.

The Next Generation PC-12’s advanced systems include a digital dual-zone Environmental Control System for increased cockpit and cabin comfort, a fully automatic digital Cabin Pressurization Control System which requires no input from the pilot, and a fully redundant Power Generation and Distribution System. The aircraft is scheduled to be certified at the end of 2007.

The PC-12 is a King Air class and size turboprop aimed at corporate transport and regional airliner operators. It is the latest in a line of single engined PT6 powered Pilatus products.

New VFR Chart with Recommended VFR routes

Croatia Control realeased a new VFR Chart Croatia with VFR Recommended routes. The 2007 edition realeased is in June. This chart is highly recommended for all VFR users of croatian airspace, especially for foreign pilots visiting Croatia. The scale is 1 : 500 000 and included are beside the VFR routes also VOR/DMEs, NdBs, CTR exit/entry points, restricted, danger and prohibited areas and similiar information.


 New Croatian Aviation Magazine released

Aeronautika, first croatian aviation magazine finally released! The first number contains a few very  interesting stories regarding civil and military aviation, followed by topics from GA, skydiving, model aircrafts etc.

Croatia - your investment opportunity

Why not to invest in Croatia, especially the growing GA sector? There is a great potential in this unexplored and very interesting field of aviation and if you are interested, feel free to contact me with your ideas or projects. If you want to make investments in already existing projects throughout whole Croatia, I can give you advices where to start, invest or buy.

The time has come ... you have to invest Today ... because if you do it Tomorrow, maybe it will be to late!

Next issue: first week of July ...

A la découverte de la Croatie ...

A friend from France send us an interesting trip report with his Diamondstar DA40 F-GUVB with nice pictures of Pula (LDPL). The trip report is in French!





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