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General notes

To fly in Croatia you need at least the Private Pilot License (PPL). A Medical, at least class two (JAR) is mandatory. 

Croatia finally became a Full JAA Member in March 2004., but as we are still not in EU, validations/nostrifications are required.

Rights and laws will be harmonized in accordance to JAA, and licences changed to JAR-FCL. You still have to do a validation of your native licence. Validation costs: cca 65 EUR. Validation can, at this time, only be done in Zagreb at the Ministry of Transport.

In Croatia you can find the usually single and twin-engined Cessnas and Pipers to rent such as C172, Piper PA28 or Piper Seneca. The owners are aeroclubs or private persons.

If you are PPL licensed and you rent a plane, you will usually get a safety pilot (on some routes mandatory). This safety pilot is very well experienced and he/she must be in common with the local area where you are going to fly.

Here in Croatia you pay flying hours from the a/c totalizer. It depends on the arrangement, but the landing fees (at international airports) and other aerodrome taxes must be paid, too. Fuel is available at all international airports and at some smaller airfield. The fuel prices are weekly updated.

There are not yet full published croatian VFR Charts, but on request you will get recommended charts with all information you need. You can find croatian route charts in the Bottlang Manual and Trip Kits. IFR charts are well covered by Jeppesen. Pilots are recommended to use published VFR routes (e.g. ADRIA1), whenever practicable and not to plan their routes over CTRs. I would also advice to avoid flying into Split (LDSP) and Dubrovnik (LDDU) on Saturdays and Sundays during peak summer season where a lot of airliner traffic and charter flights visit the croatian Adria coast. Please have also in mind that in Croatia ATC will often not issue a clearence for your flight if the flight plan is not properly filled out and sent at least 60 minutes before estimated time of departure.Minimum safe height over cities and other populated areas shall be at least 1000 ft above heighest obstacle within a radius of 600 metresfrom aircraft's position and elsewhere at least 500 ft above ground or water. Important is also the regulation that aircraft shall not be flown below bridges and similiar constructions, nor below overhead lines and antennas. As you can see on the charts there are a lot of Danger (for example LD(D)20) and Restricted areas (for example LD(R)18). These areas are active only if notified by NOTAM. Danger areas should be avoided and flight through restricted area will be give upon the request of the pilot. The TA and TL in Croatia is 9500 ft or FL095. Below 9500 ft you have to set QNH from the nearest airport.

There are recommended VFR routes published in the croatian VFR AIC. The new VFR AIC you can order at Croatia Control.

There are no known published VFR approach plates for croatian airports so far.

For flights leaving the local aerodrome control zone you need to file a flight plan and send it to air traffic control center via fax. Don't forget always to close your flight plan. :-)

Much up-to-date Infos you can get on the local ARO Offices. 


Airport List

Airport Name ICAO code IATA code Type Tel (00385) Surface Opening hours Fuel Customs/Zoll
Zagreb Pleso          LDZA ZAG INT 01-4652222 asphalt H24
Zagreb Lucko        LDZL ZGB DOM 01-6560140 grass    
Dubrovnik Cilipi    LDDU DBV INT 020-773222 asphalt upon NOTAM
Split Kastela           LDSP SPU INT/MIL 021-203555 asphalt upon NOTAM
Zadar Zemunik    LDZD ZAD INT 023-205800 asphalt upon NOTAM
Pula            LDPL PUY INT 052-550900 asphalt upon NOTAM
Medulin               LDPM   DOM 098 224 577 grass seasonal    
Rijeka Krk Island    LDRI RJK INT 051-842132 asphalt upon NOTAM
Rijeka Grobnik        LDRG RIJ DOM 051-259107 asphalt    
Osijek Klisa             LDOS OSI INT 031-514402 asphalt upon NOTAM
Agrokor LDAG   DOM 01-4894111 H RMK: Private    
Osijek Cepin           LDOC   DOM 031-297276 asphalt    
Brac Island       LDSB BWK INT 021-550715 asphalt upon NOTAM
Cakovec                LDVC   DOM 040-360303 grass      
Losinj Island          LDLO LSZ INT 051-235066 asphalt upon NOTAM
Unije Island        LDPN   DOM 052-441350 grass seasonal    
Hvar Island    LDSH   DOM 091-2541445 grass seasonal    
Otocac                 LDRO   DOM 053-773400 grass      
Ploce            LDDP PLC DOM 020-679933 asphalt CLOSED    
Slavonski Brod        LDOR   DOM 035-250262 grass      
Firule LDSF   DOM N/A H RMK: Medical    
Sinj                       LDSS   DOM 021-824818 grass      
Varazdin        LDVA   DOM 042-352110 asphalt   48 hr PPR
Vrsar        LDPV   INT/DOM 052-441350 asphalt upon NOTAM  
Udbina               LDZU   MIL N/A asphalt CLOSED    
Borovo                     LDOB   DOM 032-422555 grass      
Konavle LDDK   DOM N/A grass CLOSED    
Bjelovar LDZJ   DOM 099-500873 grass      
Daruvar LDDA   DOM 043-885222 grass      
Busevec LDZB   DOM 01-8225020 grass      
Ivanic Grad LDZI   DOM 091-2060495 grass CLOSED    
Cazma LDZC   DOM N/A asphalt CLOSED    
Koprivnica LDVK   DOM 048-626794 grass CLOSED    
Vinkovci LDOV   DOM 032-356922 grass      

INT ... international airport, DOM ... domestic/GA airflied, H... heliport, MIL ... military airfield, N/A ... not available

Station Name Type Freq (MHz)
Osijek TMA APP 118,80
Pula TMA APP 118,40
Rijeka TMA APP 119,00
Split TMA  APP/RDR  120,87
Zadar TMA  APP 118,60
Zagreb CTA APP/RDR  120,70
Zagreb TMA  APP/RDR  120,70
Dubrovnik TMA  APP/RDR  118,60
Zagreb Info FIS 135,05
Pula Info FIS 124,60
Split Info FIS 128,67
Zagreb Tower TWR 118,30
Lucko Tower TWR 124,50
Klisa Tower TWR 118,80
Rijeka Tower TWR 119,00
Pula Tower TWR 120,00
Losinj Tower TWR 120,30
Zadar Tower TWR 123,70
Split Tower TWR 124,67
Dubrovnik Tower TWR 118,50
Brac Tower TWR 118,02
Mostar Tower* TWR 124,20
All other uncontrolled airfields Info freq 123,50
Vrsar Info Info freq 126,65
Varazdin Info Info freq 118,27
Hvar Info Info freq 124,50
Zagreb ATIS ATIS 124,37
Zagreb Weather/METEO WX 127,80

ARO Offices

ATS UNIT Hours of service Tel Fax AFS
Zagreb H24 01-6229244 01-6265561 LDZAZPZX
Split H24 021-203450 021-895227 LDSPZPZX
Pula H24 052-212515 052-550922 LDPLZPZX
Dubrovnik H24 020-773203 020-772203 LDDUZPZX
Zadar H24 023-211335 023-313599 LDZDZPZX
Rijeka Upon NOTAM 051-654888 051-842095 LDRIZPZX
Losinj Upon NOTAM 051-235166 051-231466 LDLOZPZX
Osijek Upon NOTAM 031-297244 031-297220 LDOCZPZX
Brac Upon NOTAM 021-648606 021-648606 LDSBZPZX




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