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Flying in Croatia project .... your investment opportunity

My main mission is it to introduce and to promote Croatia as a south-eastern European country to people who would like to fly here either with their own airplanes or with chartered planes here in Croatia. As you can see the specialty is General Aviation, so that I am in contact and cooperation with a few aeroclubs, flight schools and regional airlines which can provide the aircrafts.  You can also provide us with your ideas if you would like to start-up a business in the field of aviation. Feel free to contact me.

We know that there are people especially from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United States, but also from the whole World who are searching for information about flying and renting small Cessna and/or Piper aircrafts in Croatia, but this undertaking can be very hard if you are not in common with the croatian language, if you don't know whom to contact and so on ...

Because of this I have established a small but professional young team willing to help you getting around over the croatian sky. You can ask for information on Croatian, English and especially on German language via e-mail with guaranteed answer within 24 hrs. All informations and facts provided by Flying in Croatia project are based on recommendations and don't have a commercial background yet.

Why not to invest in Croatia, especially the growing GA sector? There is a great potencial in this unexplored and very interesting field of aviation and if you are interested, feel free to contact me with your ideas or projects. If you want to make investments in already existing projects throughout whole Croatia, I can give you advices where to start, invest or buy. The time has come ... you have to invest Today ... because if you do it Tomorrow, maybe it will be to late!

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