Dear visitors welcome on personal website of family Urlovic. We hope that our site will succeed to bring you closer our small turist town Cavtat, which is located on the south of Croatia near historical Dubrovnik.
If you have plan to spend your yearly vacation or holidays in Croatia, do not miss a chance to visit this small town.
Cavtat, town with great historical spirit and varietly of arhitecture, will offer you more than you can ever wish on your vacation. Thanks to his mentality and natural resourses, population of this small town have imenage to accomplish more than 50 year of turist tradition, so that Cavtat effect to became from small fishing town to one of the tourst pearls of Adriatic sea.
Around his historical essential part, developed the small town with great offer of accommodation, not only hotels but also a private apartmans. Precisely Villa Anka, is one of the leadingin that kind of offer. It is located near the essential part, but sufficiently far from continuous sound of summer season, gives you an oppertunity to spend your vacation in Mediterrane an atmosphere.